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Dramatic Comedy, 105 minutes, French

In the northern French town of Charleville-Mézières, the world capital of puppetry, Brian Murdabi lives an idealic childhood. All seems to be well until, in his 7th year, Brian announces to his stunned parents that he has been inhabited by the soul of the town's most famous son, none other than the poet, Arthur Rimbaud. Flash forward 20 years, an adult Brian, still wrestling with his apparent possession, leaves Charleville in search of answers and to do justice to the famous soul he carries within. Brian's journey via the fringes of both society and his sanity eventually comes full circle, reaching a point where he must decide ultimately where his responsibilities lie.

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Cast Malik Zidi
Denis Lavant
Philippe Nahon
Hasfla Herzi
Jackie Berroyer
Slimane Dazi
Written & Directed By Rafiâa Boubaker
Produced By Benjamin Craig
Nancy Bressolles
Rafiâa Boubaker
Director of Photography François Catonné
Associate Producer Miguel Alves-Khan

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